Cinder is young, sarcastic, and arrogant. Typical.


Cinder was under powerful enchantment magic and if she lives she will leave without a fuss flying towards a mountain range in the south. She may be hostile but after realizing the party has broken the Circle of Domination she nearly expresses gratitude. But if she is not present when the magic is broken she simply flies away. She is too young to pose a significant threat to The Bones Brigade.

Cinder’s freedom was short-lived. Her brash combat tactics cost her everything. While tempted by the smell of an easy group of prey, at least in her mind, she found herself in a fight for her life against a group of Death Pack Gnolls. The arrows hit her from many directions as she attempted to hover and breath her fire over them. She was for the most part winning the war against them. It was thirteen against one and she managed to roast and tear apart the leaders’ minions leaving the final conflict between her and a massive gnoll known as Grommet. She dodged two attacks from his greataxe and he wounded her gravely with a third attack. With the defiance only a dragon could possess she clawed across his chest which left huge lacerations which bled profusely and then with her second claw she plunged it into Grommet’s chest and ripped out the heart of her killer. Too weak from so many circumstances against her she fell to the sand covered floor of the oasis and died. The Bones Brigade tried to save her but in the end they collected what they could from her carcass for further use in their quest.



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