Milo Goodbarrel


Milo was born to lower- class entertainer parents, among the slums of Wati. He performed with his parents in street shows for coins, honing his acting craft. Because of his emotive and genuine displays, he quickly gained admirers; one of whom was a Wati Aristocrat by the name of Annas Benseth. He took an interest in Milo’s development and volunteered to sponsor him. Without Annas Benseth’s influence, Milo would not be who he is. Most of what Milo has created and roles he has taken were dictated by the tastes of his patron, who until recently maintained a strong influence over his life. Through Annas Benseth, Milo’s circle of disparate associates grew. Annas collected friends like trophies, and Milo gained contacts in most every social or professional circle in the major cities of Osirion through his sponsored travel and performances.

As Annas Benseth’s power and reach grew (while Milo was growing up), it eventually extended into the less savory and less legitimate ventures. Annas quietly founded a criminal organization, known as the Sons of Seth, to further spread his influence. Through drugs, extortion and intimidation, the Sons of Seth flourished.

Through accident backstage at one of his shows, Milo stumbled in on a backroom drug deal. Milo was appalled! Half because what they were doing was illegal, half because they disgraced the theater in this way! To his eternal regret for letting his fans down, Milo canceled the performance, fled the theater and, unknown to Annas Benseth, anonymously alerted the authorities. His patron claims Milo owes him for the cost of the show and is currently searching for him.

Romance: Milo has engaged in a number of partnerships, but for some reason or another, his relationships always fail. (Perhaps no one ever sees the real Milo.)

Milo is fascinated by the past. He longs for the world to return to a past age. He has adopted the manners and style of this age, and is fascinated by its customs, relics, and artifacts, and by the historical figures of that time. Perhaps he lives so much in this past age that his connection to the present is tenuous. He annoys others with his pretentiousness. (Joe, I look to you for guidance on which age would be the most “Shakesperian”.)


Milo Goodbarrel

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