The Mummy's Mask

Daily Events in the month of Daleth

Chronological Daily Account

These are the events of the first eleven days of the month of Daleth. A chronological daily account summarized for the group.

Daleth 1: The Bones Brigade forms with word that Pharaoh Khemet III has pressured The Grand Mausoleum in Wati to open the Necropolis for exploration. After winning a lottery the group explores a tomb which held a great war general known as Akhentepi. The exploration is brief and they finish within the day.

Daleth 2: The group meets Sebti the Crocodile and she persuades them to secretly begin searching for 1st Age relics to line Khemet III’s tomb with upon his burial. They sign a contract and are to be paid 10% for 1st Age relics. Sebti says the group may sell other relics for whatever they can secure but to bring 1st Age relics to the Grand Mausoleum. She gives them leads towards an old library, a Temple of Anubis, and a tower dedicated to the deity Ra.

Daleth 3: Travel into the desert. Traveling by night and resting by day. Most activity between 8pm and 10am.

Daleth 4: Party meets Abdul Zahad, Keeper of the Sacred Oasis and the Book of the Dead. They bring Athos, Sun Scribe of Ra to life.

Daleth 5: The Bones Brigade finds an oasis taken by gnolls. They scare them away. They rest and prepare for the Tower

Daleth 6: Travel to the tower with help from Athos. The Sun Scribe bonds with Boki.

Daleth 7: Travel to the tower is uneventful. Spring rains will fall in one to two weeks.

Daleth 8: The Bones Brigade finds the tower. An undead dragon guards the doors. Inside skeletons and mummies attack. A riddle. Midnight and a new day.

Daleth 9: The party defeats Menenaph. Cinder destroys the flesh golem. They solve the riddle of the tower and resurrect Aseph and Tepri. Narmer bargains with Cinder. They rest.

Daleth 10: Travel to the south for a night. Athos begins to teach Boki the ways of Celestial Navigation. The group studies the star charts and searches for an oasis.

Daleth 11: Midnight arrives and Cinder flies overhead to greet The Bones Brigade before incinerating most of the gnolls guarding the oasis. In dramatic fashion she battles the leader to the death. The party finds the gnolls were guarding the Temple of Anubis. They are faced with three Gnome Wights who leave Myrgard in a weakened state. Auixanae pilfers a wand from one of them.

This synopsis of the last eleven days covers most of the major events thus far.




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